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Autodesk developed AutoCAD primarily as an architectural CAD application, but other industries are also using it. It is used by many engineers and manufacturers including the Russian Federation. Along with other AutoCAD features, it also comes with a library of mechanical and electrical symbols. AutoCAD Commands Let’s briefly cover the AutoCAD basic commands and their functions. Activate command Activating the command asks a question that depends upon the last command that the user did, which is present in the active window. The ‘AutoCAD’ command is just a dummy for the ‘AutoCAD Basic’ command, which is used for making drawings. In AutoCAD, a drawing can be saved, modified, or printed. Print command This is the most important command. It is used to print, and you can see it at the top of the AutoCAD window. There is a short cut key for it, and the command will be automatically activated if the ‘Print’ dialog box opens. The Print command also has a short cut key. File command This is used to open files, which are saved in the drawing. New command When you create a new drawing, it will automatically open in the drawing area. You can see that the command is active in the active window. A new drawing window will be open and automatically selected. You will be given a prompt to name the drawing. Save command This is used to save a drawing in a file. You can save it in any format, but a default type of CAD format will be selected. The most popular formats include DWG and DXF. You can also save in the AutoCAD DXF only format. After the file is saved, it will be open in the drawing area. The drawing file will be open automatically, and you will be given a prompt to name the file. Update command This is used to update a file. It is used to open a drawing in an existing file, or to open a file that is present in a folder. The existing file or folder will be selected automatically, and you will be given a prompt to name the drawing file. Close command The command is used to close the active window. It closes the active window, and when you are in the drawing area, the

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API and language are programmable and can be linked with other Microsoft Windows software. Applications such as Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD’s own drawing application may send drawing data to AutoCAD via its API, which is also called the “DWG Protocol”. AutoCAD also publishes a JScript library for JavaScript development. API documentation is accessible from the Help menu, while developer and reference manuals are available from the Help menu or from the Application menu. The API documentation is available online for the latest released software versions. History The original intent of the program, from the inception of the software, was to “make it easier for non-computer-literate engineers to enter data, edit drawings, and make changes to design products”. From the beginning, it offered two ways to create files (FTP and file transfer protocol [FTP]) for transport of files, the ability to save in formats that could be read by other software (DWF, DXF, etc.) and support for viewing and editing these files. The first release of AutoCAD was in 1990, and since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive CAD/CAM application. Hardware requirements Autodesk offers software through an online download or as an installation. When installing the software, a default operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 8) can be specified, and software updates can be downloaded automatically. The software license includes certain hardware requirements, which differ depending on the version. The following table lists the minimum and recommended specifications for software running on various operating systems and Windows versions. Feature set AutoCAD contains features for architecture, engineering, fabrication, mechanical, interior design, plumbing, electrical, structural, scheduling, and documentation. One example of the functionality AutoCAD offers is parametric modeling, where properties such as the strength and mass of a beam can be changed in real-time, allowing complex models to be created and modified easily. Complex models can be stored and used for future work without the need to manually convert the model to the original format, creating “library” models. These library models are reusable and can be easily accessed, exported and used by other users. Architectural and engineering Architectural modeling has been included in AutoCAD since 2000. AutoCAD Architecture is a feature-rich modeling application designed to allow designers to create complete architectural design models that can be used for documentation and documentation purposes. Architectural features include: Building Information Modeling (BI 3813325f96

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At this point you will be asked for your product key. If you did not purchase Autocad 2017 the key will be listed in the page you got from Autocad. If you got a key but Autocad 2017 did not ask you for it then copy it from the following website: In order to start using Autocad for free use the following steps: Close Autocad. Close Autocad 2017. Go to Start -> Run -> type C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\AutoCAD and press enter. A small window should appear with a number “73” next to it. Copy the number 74, then paste it in a website like this one: For each key you bought from Autodesk, you should see a number showing up, one for each product key of Autocad you purchased. At this point you should select the key you bought from Autodesk and click on “Generate”. You should see a number generated next to the number you pasted in the previous step. You are ready to use Autocad 2017 for free. ————————————————————— How to remove the key Open Autocad 2017, you should see a number next to the number you copied in the previous step. Right click on that number and select “Remove” The number of each product key you bought from Autocad will disappear. ————————————————————— WHAT HAPPENED IF YOU MADE A MISTAKE IN THE KEY GENERATION PROCESS? I made the mistake of following the tutorial when I was new to Autocad. If that happened to you, all you need to do is copy and paste the following link

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Insert Object-Based Reference Points: Draw your project information on the base plane of a planar layout, a wall section, a cutting plane or a section. These objects become reference points that AutoCAD uses to planarize and automatically aligning multi-layer drawings. In addition to planar layouts, AutoCAD 2.0 allowed you to use an Ortho Layout, which is still in AutoCAD 2.0. An Ortho Layout is a tool that draws geometric objects in the base plane. For example, the top edge of a box becomes the first axis and the bottom edge becomes the second axis of the Ortho Layout. The resulting plane is the Ortho Reference Plane. In AutoCAD 2.0, these references points could be moved and rotated. In AutoCAD 2.0, we introduce a new technology to help you to produce Ortho Layout references. You create Ortho Layout reference points on the surface of any object that you want to place in the base plane. The reference points can be moved and rotated in the same way as other reference points. That way, you can draw a complex object in your model. For example, you can draw a profile of a bed or a picture frame, and the object will be placed in the Ortho Reference Plane of the Ortho Layout. All dimension and profile lines are adjusted to the planar position of the object. (video: 0:48 min.) At your request, we offer two new technologies to create planar layouts: 1. Rapidly draw lines on the base plane with the Ortho Assistant. (video: 0:30 min.) The AutoCAD 2.0 Ortho Assistant helps you quickly draw on the Ortho Reference Plane. You simply draw one line and then a second line to connect the two ends of the first line. With one click, you have created an Ortho Layout. (video: 0:27 min.) 2. Use Vector Maps to quickly create planar layouts and show the plans on your working drawings. (video: 0:35 min.) The Vector Maps technology, introduced in AutoCAD 2.0, enables you to design a planar layout from scratch. That way, you can check that the planar layout works with all layers, but it’s not necessary to add dimension lines to your planar layout to view it.

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OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10 Processor: 1.6 GHz processor or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM Storage: 2 GB available space Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher Featuring a cute and colorful story that begins during the day and picks up after midnight, R.C.E. lets you experience time travel in a unique way. Includes: R.C.E. Rescue Quest – The game L

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