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A: You have the following within the document: I assume, you want to take the images within the table into account and display them as well. Just search for img and replace the following: with: Australian internet users are being asked to sign up for an online account on Facebook, after the corporation’s privacy settings were updated to allow more sharing of personal data with the government. Facebook is asking users to log into their accounts to confirm they have been using Facebook properly, as a result of the company’s proposed changes to privacy settings. Users are being asked to confirm they own their own Facebook data, and log into their account to demonstrate they use the site for its intended purposes. They are also given the chance to review any other applications they use the site for. Clicking on the account creation page now takes users to a new page that displays all applications they have created on Facebook, and asked Facebook to store data about the apps. “This page is designed to help you log into your account,” the page reads. “These apps might have access to your username, email, and other public information. Please review these applications and confirm that you own them.” The information stored in your Facebook account will now stay on your Facebook site after you log out. Users can also disable the app, delete an app from Facebook, or review the permissions that the app asked for. Under the proposed changes, the changes users make to the permissions settings will be able to be tracked by Facebook through a new tab that is added to any user’s profile. 3da54e8ca3�ol-2n4-sbl1c/

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