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KTag Editor provides you with an intuitive ID3 tag editing application that enables you to modify the tag information of your music files. It aims to assist you in modifying the song information for locally stored MP3 files. The main interface is a bit cluttered, but once you get accustomed to using the program, it shouldn't pose any problems. It integrates a file browsing section that allows you to explore local directories in a tree view, as well as panes dedicated to updating tag data. KTag Editor provides support for MP3 audio files only, enabling you to change basic tag information (artist, album, genre, release year, comments), as well as other file properties, such as the album artist, the composer, the artist webpage, the lyricist, copyright data, disk number, publisher, encoder and URL. There are two ways to modify the tags, namely by double-clicking on the desired column displayed in the file explorer table and writing the desired entry or selecting the desired files and modifying the data for all of them. The latter alternative allows you to run batch operations, which means that multiple songs can be processed with a single click. The built-in player is designed to help you listen to selected music files as you modify their tag data. One or multiple tags can be removed from all the selected files with the push of a button and cover art images can be added, removed or extracted from existing songs. In addition to this, KTag Editor comes with options for batch renaming all the MP3 files. You can instruct it to insert tag data into the name, add custom texts, suffixes or prefixes, replace or remove certain words, automatically change capitalization options and so on. While it could use some improvements (such as support for more file formats), KTag Editor is a fast way to change the tag information of your MP3 songs. The extended range of tag data that you can modify makes it worth a try.







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———————- KTag Editor is a quick and user friendly digital audio editor. You can batch tag your files, edit ID3, insert cover images, rename your files, download lyrics and much more! KTag Editor supports MP3, WAV, AU, WMA, AIF, RM, AMR, FLAC, APE, MPC, etc. playback. Full featured playback controls are also provided. There are many ways to use KTag Editor. You can add or remove cover images to your MP3 files, add text to your ID3 tags, rename your files, extract lyrics and more. In addition, you can also change your ID3 tags. You can even turn a local MP3 music archive into a Lyrics generating music library or a music tag converter. Or, you can even change the date on your MP3 files! This interface is organized into four main tabs. *File* – Browse through your audio, video and image files in a tree view. *Options* – The options tab contains the settings for the application. The user interface is configurable, so you can also customize the look and feel of the app. *Preferences* – The preferences tab contains the miscellaneous options. Some options such as restoring window state after quitting the application are saved so that they can be used the next time KTag Editor is launched. *Help* – The help tab contains the developer documentation. You can learn a lot about KTag Editor by taking a look at the online help file. It is included with the download. KTag Editor is distributed without any warranty. If you find any bugs or have ideas on how to improve the program, you can contact the developers. Check out our website for more info: LIKE us on: Reviews: ——— “KTag Editor has everything I need to organize my music collection.” – c0rcol0 “The program is easy to use and has all the functionality I need to manage my music!” – torok89 “I like the program – easy to use, and simple in its function.” – glenb “KTag Editor is a great application for quickly managing all your music

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• Fast, feature rich and easy-to-use tag editing software • Can support MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and CBR files • Supports AVI files with ID3 and Audible Magic • Easily updates database with multiple file, tag, art and other info • Supports multiple operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/10 • Includes a built-in CDDB look-up engine • Has a wide range of customization features and lets you customize the tool to your needs • Supports auto-saving and has a nifty autosave feature to help with saving • Fits right into your desktop, allowing you to do multiple tags from just one window. Plus there are lots of customization options for KTag Editor • Plus it’s free! Top Itch Media Music ID Editor is a powerful music ID Editor that uses a variety of metadata tracking methods to get as much information as possible from your music, so that you can find, organize, and retrieve all your music faster! When you install Music ID Editor, it automatically imports your music library, or you can use it to import your music library and other databases. With Music ID Editor, you can: ■ Efficiently manage your music Get detailed information about your music With Music ID Editor, you will be able to: ■ Get the complete text of your music’s lyrics Get lyrics from over 20 ID3 tag editors including Music ID Editor ■ Delete or move your music with just a few clicks Create folders, copy your music or move it to a different folder with a few clicks ■ Edit the Artist, Song Title and the Album of each song ■ Select artists and songs that you would like to work with by simply highlighting them ■ Create, delete or move your music from and to different folders and drives ■ Create playlists ■ Import music from your iTunes music library ■ Export music to your iTunes music library ■ Import your entire music collection as well as databases to your music library ■ Control your music ID editor from the client by using the built-in Music ID Editor Player ■ Play music from your music library or from the Internet ■ Support for all major operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/10 ■ Supports AVI files with ID3 and Audible a69d392a70

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KTag Editor is an easy to use file tag editor for modifying MP3 file tags. It allows you to set and modify artist, album, genre, year of release, comments and more. The program is very simple and easy to use. Supports all versions of.MP3,.WAV and.WMA file formats. There is also a built-in player for playing selected files while you’re editing them. Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Windows Vista. Main Features: KTag Editor is a quick and easy way to edit MP3 tags. You can set, modify or delete information in dozens of categories and organize your music in categories and sub-categories. In addition to this, KTag Editor comes with a user-friendly file manager for locating and exploring your music. The program is also an MP3 player with support for multiple audio formats. It can act as a stand-alone player and lets you browse your music, play and select music files and make music directly to your PC. KTag Editor can play your music in order of these four different layouts: grid, tree, category and date. There is a pre-installed media library with more than 1,000 music files that are directly accessible from your PC, which makes it easy and fast for you to explore. The file explorer is configurable and can display music files of any format. Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Windows Vista. What’s new in this release: Fix bug in category settings. Fix bug in batch renaming mode. Fix bugs. Features: Category You can organize your music in categories and sub-categories. These categories help to group all files of a particular genre or music artist. Tag Editing KTag Editor provides you with an intuitive ID3 tag editing application that enables you to modify the tag information of your music files. It aims to assist you in modifying the song information for locally stored MP3 files. The main interface is a bit cluttered, but once you get accustomed to using the program, it shouldn’t pose any problems. It integrates a file browsing section that allows you to explore local directories in a tree view, as well as panes dedicated to updating tag data. The program includes a file browser that lets you browse your local music and organize it into categories and subcategories. It supports more than 1,000 songs, which makes it a great place to find music.

What’s New in the KTag Editor?

The KTag Editor is great as a multi-platform editor and creator for Kontakt libraries of sound-fills. The Kontakt version will be dropped in the future, only a stand-alone version will be released at that time. More features added to this version include: Import from Kontakt 3 Formats Support for more Soundfonts Velocity and Velocity Scale Other Updates What’s New in This Release: Easily Load any Kontakt 3 Library: Simple drag and drop function within Kontakt 3 libraries for instant loading of any currently loaded library as a re-strip and for instant loading of any library of data, but separated and compressed. This means that they can all be loaded and manipulated simultaneously. Many other new features are being added: Fill new Kontakt libraries with data: Fill Kontakt Libraries with data, outputting edited audio files is as easy as copying/pasting into the “Send To” folder within the library. More Render engine progress: The Kontakt engine is looking better than ever and is becoming more capable of rendering sound that in the past was simply impossible without additional programming and a great number of render engine hours. Stripped down GUI: The Kontakt GUI has been converted to just a tooltip and a web browser to view most of the data and control functions. In addition, all the data is now saved as text and you can find it easily at all times. Improved Mac Support: In order to work better with the new release, KTag Editor has been completely re-written on a Mac platform. The high quality of the Mac port is now unmatched. KTag Editor can import Kontakt library formats in addition to DAE, CUE, and many other formats. Import is performed from all Kontakt formats, and playback of user libraries will be supported from where ever they are. Upgraded online libraries: Many people have requested us to create a distributed online music library service, and in order to comply with this request, we have put together a “blank slate” library builder so that it can easily be used as such. Key features of the new KTag Editor Release: Kontakt 3 import libraries and XML libraries for DAE and CUE files. Support for multiple soundfonts,

System Requirements:

PC & MAC Web Browser (all supported browsers) Minimum: Internet Explorer (IE) 11.0 Firefox (21.0) Chrome (52.0) Safari (11.0) Latest: Chromium (53.0.2785.143) Safari (11.2) latest Android Browser version (if supported) Android 4.4 Android 6.0 or later


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